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Story/Space Creative Writing Project


This week marks the half way point of our new creative writing project, Story/Space.  Story/Space is an interactive online blog where teens can reflect upon various places in their lives and share their stories with other teens in the Greater Boston Area.  This 10-week project is part of a research study at the Harvard Graduate School of Education at Harvard University.  So far, teens have written about a significant place in their lives and developed creative stories that are both true and false, and have received comments on their writing from other teens.  Everyone seems to be enjoying the interactive aspect of this project, as it is a reflection of the social media scene we are all a part of. 


On Monday, we had a more complex assignment to physically go beyond the youth center and explore our neighborhood while taking photographs.  To decide on where to go, each teen researched facts about a specific area in Cambridge and prepared a persuasive talk to convince their peers to go to their place of choice.  The final vote went to Kendall Square, for its novelty of shiny new buildings and funky architecture.  In addition, it is a part of Cambridge that these folks rarely ever go to.  The goal was to photograph things that appealed to the five human senses, i.e. taste, touch, smell, hear, see.  Afterwards, teens referenced their photos to create a writing piece that would transform the reader to Kendall Square and to fully experience it as if they were there.  Of course, what is a field trip without stopping for a treat?  Part of the selling point for visiting Kendall Square was its proximity to the famous Toscanini’s ice cream shop—and that is precisely where we ended our day, with the rich flavors of mint chocolate and cookie dough ice cream. 


T-shirts And Crew Necks For Sale !!!!!

After our Gratitude event, we are selling t-shirts and crew necks to raise money for the Boston Living Center. The t-shirts are $10 each and the crew necks are $20 each. Every penny will be donated to the Boston Living Center. You can purchase one by stopping by at the Gately Youth Center from 6:30-9:30pm. We will be selling shirts and crew necks until March 3rd.  Please help us raise this money for the Boston Living Center and do something good for our community.


Update Update Update!!!!

Hey Everyone!!!!

                We just wanted to let you guys know that the event was a huge success (considering the snowstorm), and thank you to everyone who came out to support/or participate in our fundraising. The preteen from Gately preformed to songs, our partnerships with City Peace put on a skit, we had a DJ on the rise come and show us what he got, and even members from My City My Voice put together a dance. In between the performances’ we got the audience to participate in a self-made Jeopardy Game.

                While the event we were selling shirts and crewnecks, and guess what?? We’re still selling them!!!! Isn’t that exciting?!?! We will be selling them until March 3rd. THERE ARE ONLY A FEW IN STOCK!!!! Check back here for more information, and who to get in contact with if you want one, or two, or forty of them. :-). :-).

Awareness goes a long way…

We just decided to have free admission for our Talent Show on next Tuesday, December 17, at the Moore Youth Center in 12 Gilmore Ave. in Cambridge from 6-8 PM. Our real goal is to raise awareness for the Boston Living Center so we want as many people to come as possible, therefore increasing the number of people to share our gifts with and spread awareness around HIV and AIDS.

 T-shirts and crewnecks, designed by us, will be sold and all of the profits will go towards the Boston Living Center.

Check out this link for more information about the Boston Living Center:


Here is the flyer of the event:



Hey!! Hey!! Hey!!

Change of plans!!

I know we had said the date of the event will be Tuesday December 10th, but we decided to make that the dress rehearsal and the deadline date for those who are still considering being part of this amazing event. The dress rehearsal will be held at the Gately Youth Center (70R Rindge Ave behind the Peabody school). Click her for directions Gately Youth Center

. Can’t wait to see you there!!


Our new event date is Tuesday December 17th.

Got Talent ?!

Hey Friends! We are trying to raise money for the Boston Living Center.  We are having a talent show on December 10th. We are still looking for people that have talent that want to participate in this special event. Everyone is welcome!

 We are also selling clothing to raise money. Check out our design.     

On November 5th, My City My Voice hosted a Family Night at Gately Youth Center. We had a PowerPoint linked to a quiz game about HIV, a T-shirt survey, and a video interview booth to ask people about themselves and their community. The event was fun, and we got great feedback about our upcoming event, which will be a Talent Show on December 10th.




We need artists for December 10th from 6 to 8. Your talent and funds can help raise awareness for a good cause. Come on down all my singers, poets, rappers, dancers, comedians etc. Hurry up and contact Bo because the spots are filling out soon!!


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